Narnia stuff
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Minotaurs                                      Centaurs                         Satyrs
Minotaur Armor
                                            CentaurArchers                                Satyr.jpg
Minotaur Weaponry 1                                             
CentaurArmor.jpg                               Satyr2                        
Minotaur Bodies                                            CentaurExamples.jpg                    
Otmininthemaking                                              CentaurFieldSoldiers
   ../../../My%20Pictures/Otmin1.bmp                                                                          Orius.bmp

Fauns                                             The White Witch                   Aslan                
../../../My%20Pictures/fauns1.gif                                                     ../../../My%20Pictures/WhitchJadis.bmp                              
../../../My%20Pictures/Narnia_L_ven_heksa__222152m.jpe                                                     ../../../My%20Pictures/150px-Chronicles_of_narnia_White_Witch_poster.jpe                               
../../../My%20Pictures/Tummnusinstone.jpg                                                        ../../../My%20Pictures/250px-White_witch_in_battle_for_naria.jpe                              ../../../My%20Pictures/Aslanentourage.jpg

I will add pictures from the books as soon as possible.

I love the Narnia series. Unlike many people, I only see them as an adventure,while many people see them as a christian allegory.  Although  I do not see them as a christian allegory,
I understand that C.S. Lewis did base them on christianity. I can also see the similarities.
My favorite character from the whole series is Reepicheep.He is a talking mouse of Narnia.
  Reep and his group of 11 talking mice are deadly with thier small, yet jagged and sharp rapiers.
Reepicheep appears in Prince Caspian and The Last Battle.