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HWH - 12/2/2006 - photos  (click on thumbnail to view full size) 

(everyone has their eyes open in at least one of these - even me!)

Top row – Genie Simmons Thorndike, Jane Kalinski, Christa Calagione Donnellan, Ashley Banfield, Ali Crum, Melissa Milbert Wendland, Bill MacDonald, Tara Dunn, Cori Bennett, Cory Waldinger, Angela Ruggiero, Alison Bell, Joe Bertagna, Michelle McAteer (Current Assistant Coach)
Middle row left – Jo-Jo Boynton, Julie Sasner, Jennifer Botterill,
Middle row right - Firkins Reed, Julie Star-Duker

Front row – Jamie Hagerman, Mina Pell, Tracy Catlin, Sara Fischer, Emily Smith, Angie Francisco, Claudia Asano, Julie Rando, Cassie Walker