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Three Days of Riding in New York Indian Summer
My favorite woods near Bear Mountain, and the Bear Mountain Bridge from the West side of the Hudson to the East. 

The Bear Mountain Bridge - 2 lanes, and $1 toll - compare that to the George Washington Bridge, 60 miles south, in Manhattan, with 8 lanes x 2 levels, and $5 toll. 

On the East side of the Hudson, turn left, and head North - now you are just accross the river from West Point.   Check out the castle up on the hill in the 2nd picture.

New day - the Kaban in the parking lot of State Line Lookout, Palisades Parkway, and then the view from the top of the cliff behind it.   Lookout indeed.  . 

Monkville Reservoir

Quiet Corner on Skyline Drive, northern New Jersey. 

IBM's corporate hideaway.......

This is Harriman State Park - border of New Jersey and New York state

This is on the west side of the Hudson - you can see the Indian Point nuclear power plant in the distance.  This is the place where General Benedict Arnold escaped from the American Revolutionary Forces after having handed over the secret of the defense of West Point to the British. 

Havershaw, NY.   Road-side cemetary, and road-side convenience store. 

These are photos of the Iona Island bird sanctuary just below Bear Mountain.  You can see eagles, egrets, and lots of other birds, just by sitting down and waiting a bit.    The tiny spots in the sky in the 2nd picture are turkey vultures. 

After visiting the bird sanctuary, cross the river on the Bear Mountain Bridge, and turn right this time, heading south torwards New York City - the road is carved into the side of the cliff, and here is the view from the one place to stop and take in the view. 

and it's all 40 miles from New York City.