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Daniel in Action at 101st street
This is Daniel going in for the kill!  . 

Photos from the Snow in Colorado, December 2006
We spent time in Colorado over Christmas, and saw snow, snow, and more snow.  These are photos from a small woods near Sara's parents' house, taken around 4;30 in the afternoon, as the snow poured. 

Late Spring in Central Park -(Webshots - album is called Central Park Spring 2006)
Sergei tries out his "shirt pocket compatible" camera, and finds that having a camera at the ready allows one to capture strange sights from Fleet Week as well as yet more shots of the family walking the dogs.    We also visit our favorite first grade teacher Mrs. Spuches, and Daniel shows her his website. 

Sara's Photos from Central Park - January 2006
We go for a family walk and see a painted sky behind Cleopatra's needle, artistic ice in the reservoir, a sad stash of lost tennis balls, and a view of the skyline at sunset.   Humor me, the artistic moment will pass soon............

Images from Sergei's Trip to California, Summer 2005

Indian Summer Motorcycling in New York (late October 2005)

Girls' Soccer Team 10/22/2005

Bear Mountain 10/18/2005

Marcus Dairy 10/04/2005

Family Photos on Webshots

RefInfo - West Side Soccer