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Fall 2007 - North Meadow Field D - where to play and stand on Saturday and Sunday
Please remember that our permit, and the permit of the rest of the 2000 kids who play on North Meadow each weekend, depends on us following these rules, at the request of the Central Park Conservancy.  A small price to pay for letting our kids play soccer in the most beautiful venue on the planet. 
Field diagram - where to stand

Field diagram - where to store the goals

Referees - Ready Reference Handout - includes lists of fouls, restarts, and how to use the online scheduler, as well as links to referee websites and helpful AYSO publications.  Parents and coaches are welcome to take a look as well! 
Referee Handout

196 Refs and coaches - here are the offside diagrams




and here is the "reffing reference in 11 easy pages" document by Sara Fischer and Gregg Solomon


Here is the information for Spring 2007 season: 

Spring Season Information - 2007